Monday, 25 February 2013

Battling the bulge...!

Well as of Jan 2013 I vowed to lose a few inches and tone up whats left. It is now nearly March 2013 and altho I started off fantastically due to personal circumstances it has all been put on hold.. until now! Not only am I doing this to feel better in myself but I have a small touch of motivation in the shape of having the absolute pleasure of being a dear friends maid of honour..!! So very excited!! So by publicly announcing my challenge to myself, I may stick to it a bit better.. I hope!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Instagram on the web!

Finally Instagram has made an appearence online.
We all know and love the app on our phones, and then recently it became more intergrated into facebook and now they have made it accessable to everyone on the web.
All you need to do to access it is type in (the user of your choice)
For example.. mine would be !!
Once the page is open you can see in more detail all the persons photos, including a nice montage along the top of some of the most recent ones! If you log in also then you are able to like and comment on the photos as you would on your phone! You must check this out!
After browsing mine check out two of my besties pages too..


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Im Back.. :)

Ive been vacant from the blogging world since June..!
But I vow to try and give you guys a new blog once a week!
So whats new in the world of me..
I have new hair, finally working my way back to being blonde and quite liking it being alot shorted and slightly a-symetric.
I also have a new addition to my tatts.. My finger Moustache!!!!
The most painful thing I have ever experienced but it was so worth it!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Belated Happy Fathers Day!

This is a belated post, mainly down to the reason my laptop has been out of action. But you know what they say better late then never!

This is my Daddy...

Best Dad in the whole wide world me thinks!!

And this is my childrens Daddy..

He is the 2nd best dad in the whole wide world...

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Super Dads!

In a months time we get to celebrate Father's Day, so I thought I could point some of you in the right direction of getting your daddy a unique gift they will love.
Now everyones Daddy is different and they will like different things but here are a few ideas I have found on a cool site alot of their items can be slightly pricey but I like them.

I LOVE these tshirts! They are priced at £19.75. I know a couple of super dads that would look great in these!

This is a lovely personalised gift. You get to write upto 8 lines of why you or your child loves your or their daddy. I think its especially great if there is a special something they do for their child, and it can be as random or as simple as you like. I think my daughter would love to do one of these for her daddy at a small cost of £12!

A pair of hand sewn cross-stitch cufflinks featuring little black gentleman's moustache, £18.

Now you maybe asking what I am going to get my Daddy.. well if he hadnt of already received it then it would have been a secret. My gift was a rather unique one hence why he had to have it early, i paid for him to get a permit so he can get up close and personal with passing trains on the railways as he is a keen train photographer (& a very good one). I even got him a cool hi-vis vest to wear ;).

Happy shopping!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Believe in magic?

Believe in Magic is a charity that spreads Magic to seriously and terminally ill children. Through very special once in a lifetime experiences, magical parties, proffessional photographs of your child or baby to capture a precious memory, and celebrity visits and gifts for children in hospitals and hospices, they will do anything they can to put that all important smile on their faces! They bring magic and hope to the lives of many incrediblty brave and truly inspirational children, and give them the fun, happiness and wonderful experiances they deserve.

They are run entirely by volunteers, and to continue spreading magic to their wonderful children, they need your help! There are so many ways you can help them, by anything from donating online to holding your own fundraising event! They also use the - a great way of raising funds for them through everything you buy online, without it costing you a penny!

I have purchased a Believe in magic wristband for £2.00, every little helps!

These can be found here:

So go get yours now :)

Choo Choo..!!

Well all you rail enthusiasts out there here is a youtube channel you should subscribe to!

Redgizmo has some of the best quality videos of a variety of trains, all shot in the UK.
Below is one of my particular favourites.

NVR Tornado 60163 on 2M26 Easter Special 8 April 2012
The Tornado 60163 on the 2M26 1109 from Peterborough Easter special approaching Wansford after a brief stop.

So take a few minutes to stop by and take a look, maybe even recommend it to others out there!