Friday, 27 April 2012

iPhone wallet!

I have found that when I go out of an evening I am one of those girls that doesnt take a great big bag with everything but the kitchen sink in it. Normaly I have my phone and a purse with money & cards etc. I have often tried to persuade the husband to put my phone in his pocket so I can just carry my purse instead of having to take a bag too, but more often then not he grunts and grumbles about it. But fear not I have found a solution...

Yes an iPhone wallet.. its so clever! I have ordered myself one from ebay for £2.99 in white and should be recieving it tomorrow in the post :)

I do fear it has its flaws though.. where will I put my change? Im not so sure at the minute but once I have recieved mine and tested it out I will have to update you!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Knitting is the way forward!

Knitting isnt just for pensioners you know! I for one cant knit, rubbish at it but I am lucky enough to have a mother (who has over 20 years till she becomes an pensioner) who is very very good at knitting. So much so I have stumbled across a couple of lovely patterns im hoping I can rope her into knitting for my 2 year old Ivy!

Both these patterns can be found on Etsy (I have posted the link below) at a small cost of £2.52. The seller then sends you a PDF file to your payal email account and you are all ready to knit one, pearl one! Happy knitting :)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I mustache you a question!

I mustache you a question... but I'm shaving it for later.

I stumbled across these fan-tache-tic little notepads on made by Vicentine Design.Want a cute way of jotting down a quick note? Need an entertaining, yet totally useful, gift for someone? Whatever your needs may be, this cute, little 3.25" x 3.25" tear away 50 sheet note block is just the solution. At only £5.68 with postage in they are a fab idea, only downside is they are from Canada so you may have to be patient in them arriving! The link is below for you to have a looksy!

Bordello Shoes!

Well what can I say about these beautys... erm droooooollll!!

These are a Teeze Muertos shoe with a satin bow made by Bordello Shoes.
I love the Skeletons on these, it reminds me of a childhood book by Jane & Allan Ahlberg called Funnybones. Any child born in the 80's should remember these fab books.

These are a Teeze glitter rose shoe also made by Bordello Shoes.
So classy yet I think you would feel very sexy in a pair of these.
These come in baby blue or burgandy.

These are a Teeze classic rhinestone shoe by Bordello Shoes.
You can get these in an array of colours but I have to warn tend to retail over the £100 mark.

I found all 3 pairs here:
There are some amazing shoes but they all have a hefty price tag unfortunately, but maybe for that special occasion or you fancy treating yourself you can justify a cheeky spend!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Hello, hello, hello..

Thought I would give this blogging thing a go as I quite enjoy all other social webbing
e.g facebook, twitter, instagram etc etc etc..

I plan on sharing what goes on in this here head of mine, things I see and love, things I think you guys need to see and love ;)

Bare with me whilst I get the hang of things and I hope you enjoy whats to come!

Mucho love ~ Manfz