Thursday, 10 May 2012


Well suprise suprise my pink hair lasted all of 4 days...
So instead of going straight to boring brown I thought I would give red ago...
Its taken a lot of getting used to, needless to say a few negative comments from a select few put doubts in my mind about keeping it, but I have kept it.. at least for now anyway ;)

So I used a Schwarzkopf Live color

And it looks pretty much the same as this, however Ive only washed it once since and well its faded majorly already. I had expected this as its a common known fact that reds dont last.

So before I change it to a nice boring brown I have found a few other beautys that also sport the red hair look and in my opinion, pull it off very well :)


Kat Von D

Sharon Osbourne

Holly Hagan

Like I said in my opinion I think these girls all look rather fetching with a red barnett

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