Thursday, 17 May 2012

Super Dads!

In a months time we get to celebrate Father's Day, so I thought I could point some of you in the right direction of getting your daddy a unique gift they will love.
Now everyones Daddy is different and they will like different things but here are a few ideas I have found on a cool site alot of their items can be slightly pricey but I like them.

I LOVE these tshirts! They are priced at £19.75. I know a couple of super dads that would look great in these!

This is a lovely personalised gift. You get to write upto 8 lines of why you or your child loves your or their daddy. I think its especially great if there is a special something they do for their child, and it can be as random or as simple as you like. I think my daughter would love to do one of these for her daddy at a small cost of £12!

A pair of hand sewn cross-stitch cufflinks featuring little black gentleman's moustache, £18.

Now you maybe asking what I am going to get my Daddy.. well if he hadnt of already received it then it would have been a secret. My gift was a rather unique one hence why he had to have it early, i paid for him to get a permit so he can get up close and personal with passing trains on the railways as he is a keen train photographer (& a very good one). I even got him a cool hi-vis vest to wear ;).

Happy shopping!

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